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US Customs – Departing the U.S.

Warning, this is for reference only. All information must be verified with official sources.

Border Crossing – Departing the U.S.

Border Crossing Flight Plan:
A border crossing flight plan must be filed with any U.S. Flight Service prior to crossing the border. This can be done from the air as well as by telephone on the ground. Unlike crossing from Mexico back into the U.S., you are not required to stop at a U.S. AOE (airport of entry) when flying south into Mexico. For flights departing San Diego for Tijuana, you may be asked to squawk 1260 within 10nm of Tijuana. Airport of Entry:
The first stop after crossing into Mexico must be at an official Airport of Entry.

General Declaration and Tourist Cards:

Upon landing at the first airport of entry, the pilot will be issued a General Declaration, which grants permission to have the airplane in Mexico. It is very important, DO NOT LOOSE THIS! If you lose the General Declaration, you are in the country illegally and will be dealt with accordingly. The pilot and passengers will be issued tourist permits which are valid for 90 days. Passenger Jockeying:
The Mexican government wants everyone arriving in Mexico in a private airplane to be on that same airplane when it leaves the country. Any attempt to jockey passengers is an indication of commercial usage. It’s best to consult with the commandant of your initial AOE if you anticipate a change in the passenger list.