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US Customs – Mexican Student Visas

Warning, this is for reference only. All information must be verified with official sources.

Mexican Student Visas

The Mexican Student Visa is issued to students attending school for over six months. If attending courses for less than six months, they may enter Mexico with an FMT (tourist permit). The requirements for this visa are as follows:* Valid passport (with a minimum of six months’ validity beyond intended stay).

  • Six front-view, color, passport-size photographs.
  • Six right-side view, color, passport-size photographs.
  • Acceptance letter from the school that you plan to attend.
  • Letter of economic solvency stating you have a monthly income of at least $300 USD. If the letter is issued by parents or a private company, the document should be notarized and presented with a bank or job letter proving the economic solvency of the responsible person. This permit can be obtained at Mexican embassies and consulates within the U.S. and Canada.