US Customs – Required documents for Pilot, Passengers and Aircraft

Warning, this is for reference only. All information must be verified with official sources.
For the Pilot:
• Pilots License
• Medical
• Radiotelephone license
• PassportFor the Passengers:
• Passport
• Letter for transportation of unaccompanied minor. If a child is not accompanied by both parents, a notarized letter of permission from whichever parent(s) is/are not along.

For the Aircraft:

• Mexican Liability Insurance
• Airworthiness certificate
• Registration (pink temporary is not acceptable)
• Weight & Balance data
• Radio station license
• Letter for non-owner pilot. If the pilot is not the owner, a notarized letter of permission from the owners(s) as shown on the registration.
• 12-inch high N-numbers (temporary numbers applied with tape or water soluble paint are OK)
• A Dataplate mounted on the outside of the plane giving make, model, and serial number of the plane.
• Customs Decal showing payment of the $25 annual inspection fee. This decal may be purchased in advance or at the time you make your first border crossing of the year back into the U.S.

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