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US Customs – Tourist Permit (FMT)

Warning, this is for reference only. All information must be verified with official sources.

Tourist Permit (FMT)

The FMT is a permit to enter Mexico for tourist/transit purposes for over 72 hours and less than 180 days. The requirements for this visa are as follows:

  • Valid passport, certificate of naturalization, or an original birth certificate and a valid government-issued ID (a photocopy of the document that you present is also required).
  • One front-view, color, passport-size photograph.

This permit can be obtained at Mexican embassies and consulates within the U.S. and Canada, at the port of entry from Mexican Immigration officials, or through most airlines serving Mexico upon arrival.

The non-immigrant fee (DNI — Derecho de No-Inmigrante) to be paid for this visa (as of March 16, 2001) is $185 Mexican pesos — approx. $19 USD.

Notarized consent from the parent(s) required for children traveling alone, with one parent, or in someone else’s custody.

There is not normally a requirement to obtain a visa for a day trip to the Juarez/border area. Proof of citizenship and FMT are required for travel farther south (the inspection point is about 20 miles south of the border in the Juarez area) or for protracted stays.

If traveling to Paquime from Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, a tourist permit is not needed as long as the visit is for less than 72 hours.