US Customs

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General Guidelines: Important Forms:  
Departing the U.S.
Departing Mexico
Required documents for Pilot, Passengers and Aircraft
CBP Form 178
Private Aircraft Enforcement System Arrival Report
Important Phone Numbers: Mexican Business Visa Requirements (click on visas/permits for more info)
Customs Office (Brown Field) (619) 661-3294 NAFTA Permit (FMN)
The FMN is a permit to enter Mexico that allows a stay of up to 30 days for U.S. and Canadian citizens.
Business Visa (FM3)
The FM3 is a permit to enter Mexico that allows a stay for up to one year.
Tourist Permit (FMT)
The FMT is a permit to enter Mexico for tourist/transit purposes for over 72 hours and less than 180 days.
Mexican Student Visas
The Mexican Student Visa is issued to students attending school for over six months. If attending courses for less than six months, they may enter Mexico with a FMT (tourist permit).
Otay Port of Entry Office (619) 671-8997
Flight Service (800) WX-BRIEF
Mexican Consulate General
Calexico, CA (760) 231-8414
Los Angeles, CA (213) 351-6800
San Francisco, CA (415) 392-5554
Phoenix, AZ (602) 242-7398
Mexican Immigration office in Ciudad Juarez
615-11-44 (dialing from Mexico)
011-52-1 (add when dialing from USA)
Important Before Leaving Mexico!
All Mexican permits or visas must be returned to a Mexican Immigration office at a Mexican port of entry upon final departure from Mexico or to a Mexican consulate or embassy no later than five days following the expiration date. An exit stamp should be obtained upon leaving Mexico.


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